Espresso Mehari

more caffeine, chocolate flavour, rich crema

60% Arabica

Brazil, Colombia

40% Robusta


The specialty coffee MEHARI! It impresses with its earthy, fiery and chocolatey taste, light fruit notes, lots of crema and mild acidity. This coffee was inspired by customer desire for more intensity. The high proportion of Robusta ensures plenty of caffeine – a coffee favorite that brings the sun, summer and energy into your home.

SUITABLE FOR: Portafilter Espresso Machine, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, Italian Stovetop Maker, French Press


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Coffee Origin

Cafe Mehari - India Coffee Forest Planation
INDIA Coffee Plantation in the Forest, Robusta AAA+ Quality, Sangameshwar Coffee Estates


COLOMBIA Inga Aponte Coffee Florian Steiner

The Colombian ingredient of Mehari grows at 2150 meters above sea level, on the land of the Inga people who are descendants of the ancient Incas. Colombian Arabica coffees are distinguished by rich aroma, silky body and balanced sweetness. We want our customers to support this high-quality product, which is grown by people who really appreciate our help.


INDIA Sangameshwar Coffee Estates - Florian Steiner with Farm Manager

The Indian ingredient of Mehari – Coffea Canephora / Robusta, grows in the forests of Karnataka, in the green belt of India. This washed Robusta is being 100% manually harvested in the region of Chikkamagaluru. It is the highest Robusta quality, Kaapi Royal AA Screen 18, and works well for roasting specialty coffee. Robusta brings more crema and the smoky-earthy note that we like in Italian espresso.


BRASILIEN Kaffeeplantage Florian Steiner

The third ingredient of Mehari is a full-bodied Arabica coffee from Brazil, grown on the Irmãs Pereira farm in Minas Gerais. This small specialty coffee farm supplies us with coffee beans, rich in natural oils and with a nutty-chocolate taste. This coffee makes the Espresso Mehari full-bodied, creamy and a culinary delight.

„Cafe Mehari represents the Mediterranean joy of life.”

FLORIAN STEINER, Coffee Roaster and Founder of CAFE MEHARI



    Brazil - Colombia - India


    Minas Gerais, Nariño, Chikkamagaluru

  • FARM

    Irmãs Pereira, Inga Aponte, Allana


    Caturra, Yellow Catuai , S274


    Pulped Natural, Washed


    300 - 2200M


  • Portion for double espresso

    18 grams

  • Brew temperature

    94ºC - 94.5ºC

  • Extraction time

    24-30 sec

  • Shot weight

    36 grams